How to See All Your Competitors’ Facebook Ads

Ever feel like a competitor is smashing it with Facebook advertising. Ever wanted to see all your competitors Facebook ads? Wouldn’t it be nice.

Good news, now you can.

The catch is they can see you Facebook ads too. As can everyone else.

After much controversy Facebook has moved to increase transparency. You can now see everyone’s adverts at any time. What you can’t see is who they are targeting or how much they are spending. What you can see is exactly what sort of creative and copy they’re using.

Here is how to view your competitors’ ads:

  1. Go to one of your competitor’s Facebook pages
  2. Click “Info and Ads”
  3. Click “Active Ads”

That’s it! It is now easy to gain inside knowledge of your competitors Facebook ad strategy.

Let’s see what McDonalds Australia is doing.

Here’s what it looks like on mobile:

Facebook Ads - Mobile View - McDonalds Australia - Sticks Digital Marketing

Facebook Ads - Mobile View - Example Advert - McDonalds Australia - Sticks Digital Marketing

On your desktop and laptop the “Info and Ads” link is over on the left sidebar:

Facebook Ads - Desktop View - McDonalds Australia - Sticks Digital Marketing


Negatives of Facebook ‘Info & Ads’

A lot of people hate this new development.

I mean clearly it is not ideal that everyone can easily see your Facebook ads.


How to Make the Most of Facebook’s Info & Ads

As things continually change, it’s time to take advantage of this Facebook Advertising Strategy.

See what your competitors are doing. Look at their Facebook pages. Are they doing anything wrong that you could do better?

Or are they doing something clever that you should put in place for your clients?

The time is now to use this Facebook advertising feature to your advantage.

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