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We are an SEO Agency for brands wanting a partner to drive organic growth. All of our team are locals. No outsourcing here. With us, you’ll always be dealing direct with SEO Specialists. 

The team has years of hands on SEO experience working on strategy and implementation for major brands and ambitious businesses, ranging from consumer goods, professional services and e-commerce.

We regularly provide reports on your campaign progress. As a partner in your growth, if you ever have a question or something comes up, we’re always available to jump on a call.

Data-driven to continuously improve your campaign

We don’t just take stabs in the dark -we rely on data to build your SEO strategy. We go beyond just keyword and search volume. We’ll show you the content you should be writing and the queries you should be targeting.

We research your audience, identify the intent behind their searchers and connect those to the correct type of content strategy. By tying this to revenue potential, we can build a business case that delivers an ROI on your marketing. 

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Bev Fidler | Classic Blinds & Shutters

I’ve worked closely with Firewire for close to 4 years, and they have become an essential part of our digital marketing team. They bring a positive approach to all digital challenges, very solution orientated, thoughtful and considered. Highly recommend.

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Beau Adams | HCB Solar

The Firewire Digital team have been amazing right from our first contact. They have taken over improving our websites SEO, looking after our Google Ads and we couldn’t be happier. Excellent value, a pleasure to deal with, hard working and very professional. I’d feel very comfortable recommending Firewire Digital.

Case Studies

Classic Blinds

54% Increase Organic Leads

HCB Solar

258% increase in Organic Leads

Cavallino Motorsport

+147% Organic Traffic YoY

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a well worn phase in SEO ‘it depends’. The question of ‘how much should SEO cost’ really does depend on a huge amount of factors. What industry you are in, the competitiveness of the keywords, what audience you are targeting and past SEO activities (good and bad).

That being said, you should invest no less than $1000 a month for at least six months. Why six months? Well that is how long it takes to make a genuine difference to your business's growth.

To put it out there again ‘it depends’. You have to be serious about wanting long term growth. The key word here is long term. SEO won’t work for anyone that wants instant results. Search engine optimisation is a long term process to transform your business. If you are prepared to invest properly in SEO, you will receive the rewards.

The goal of search engine optimisation is to improve the search engine rankings of your website. What value is a brilliant website that no one can find? None. If your website is not being found on Google, your business is not being found by potential customers. By investing in SEO you give your website the best chance to be shown by search engines. 

Google considers hundreds of factors when deciding how to rank websites in search results. Luckily our team stay on top of the ever changing nature of SEO. Your website is a great marketing tool, but it must be visible to potential customers.

The key difference between SEO and local SEO is that local SEO is targeted to a specific geographical location. Local SEO aims to get your products and services in front of potential customers within your geographic area. Local SEO uses the same tactics as a normal SEO strategy - quality content & link building just with a specific focus on your region.

Think of your search patterns - do you add a city or town name to your search, e.g. ‘curtains Newcastle’. By targeting the relevant region for your business, local SEO can assist Google in associating your business with that geographic region. 

So do you need SEO or local SEO? Typically Local SEO is best for businesses that service specific regions or have a physical location. Think of plumbers, painters, builders, and local shops - these local businesses all want to appear in localised google search results. 

If your business is focused on selling or trading all over the world - you need an international SEO strategy. International SEO is the process of helping search engines determine which country and language you are targeting.

If you are targeting people all over the world there are a number of different things to consider in your digital marketing strategy. Firstly consider which countries you wish to target and ensure you have set up correct country targeting. Secondly you need to customise your site for cultural differences in your audience, simply translating copy is not good enough. Finally you have to attract backlinks to your website from websites within your targeted country. 

Basically while your strategy is international SEO, you need to localise the strategy for each country you want to target.

There can be a temptation from businesses to focus on digital marketing avenues that drive immediate results - Google Ads/PPC can do its. However while this can generate immediate results, the cost can be unsustainable for many. 

In our experience, some Newcastle digital marketing agencies attempt to push you into paid search ads. They do this because it is a quick way to appear at the top of Google - in doing this chances you are paying a fortune when it simply isn’t needed. When undertaken properly however paid search can be hugely profitable. Paid search ads allow us to consistently test and measure which keywords provide the most value to your business. 

SEO, on the other hand, is designed to drive organic traffic to your website. Unlike paid search where it costs every time someone clicks your advert, SEO drives ‘free’ traffic to your website. Driving ‘free’ traffic to your website is the ultimate goal of any business. Therefore investing in SEO can be a more cost-effective spend on your digital marketing budget. 

Ultimately though paid search and SEO shouldn’t be seen as an either-or option. The more real estate your business can occupy on the search engine results the higher chance you have of being found. If it is right for your business, Google Ads and SEO can combine to drive substantial revenue growth.

No. Google stresses to stay away from any individual or SEO agency offering guaranteed rankings. Offering a guarantee on google rankings is against Google’s guidelines. Google changes its search algorithm frequently requiring constant monitoring. We cannot guarantee #1 Google rankings, we do have a proven track record of delivering results.

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