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A Personalized Approach

At Firewire Digital, our mission is to build the online presence of businesses by providing effective, affordable online marketing solutions. Whatever the size or shape of your business, we take pride in working closely with all of our clients to meet their online marketing needs. That is why we offer the services of search engine optimisation, Facebook advertising, Google Adwords, social media marketing, web design & pay-per-click advertising.

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Be the leader in online marketing for Australian businesses and partners in value, affordability and service by having more satisfied customers than any other local provider.

Company Overview

Established in 2017, Firewire Digital began with an idea that SEO and Online Marketing services should be affordable to every business. We aim to assist business owners with competitive Online Marketing & SEO solutions. As a result, Firewire Digital was founded on one simple business model: to create affordable and effective SEO & Online Marketing for businesses.

Today, Firewire Digital has 3 employees based in Newcastle, New South Wales. With active clients across Australia. Firewire Digital range of services includes search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, website design, and Google ads across a variety of industries and businesses.


Customer Focused

The customer comes first, simple as that. We aim to deliver an exceptional customer experience and excellent results every time. And when our customers need us, we’ll be there. We’ll go above and beyond to ensure the success of their business.


Relationships are at the heart of all we do. We strive to achieve and maintain excellent relationships through trust, mutual respect, genuine concern, encouragement, and open communication.

Get Things Done

We consistently demonstrate a strong work ethic with a results-oriented bias toward results. We aim to get things done. We hold ourselves and each other accountable for the quality of our work and our level of productivity.

Collaborate & Execute

We collaborate across our staff and of course the client, to develop ideas, solve problems, and innovate. When a plan of action is made, everyone takes responsibility for executing their role to convert these ideas into results.

Firewire Digital is a fresh SEO agency ready to deliver digital ideas for your business


We understand you want to do your homework to find the best digital marketing agency online. Don’t just take our word for it. See if you can relate to these business owners in their personal journeys to stay relevant in an ever-changing online world.

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From local businesses to large companies , our clients are thrilled about the how much they have grown through our SEO campaigns.

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Don't just take our word that we are great at SEO. We have the case studies to back it up. Our clients have achieved amazing results!