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At Firewire Digital, we specialize in creating new and improved digital avenues for businesses to succeed. Running a business is increasingly competitive. More and more businesses work to provide information and support to their customers across the internet. You can stay ahead of the game with Firewire Digital!

Firewire Digital Provide Transparency in all PPC & Goolge Adwords Reporting

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimization (SEO) can have a major positive impact on your business, providing small businesses an effective way of increasing visibility and driving traffic to your website. Our quality SEO strategies have gotten many small businesses on the first page of Google. Lifting your website rankings brings more traffic to your website and more business through the door. Your website is a great marketing, but it must be made visible to potential customers.

Google Adwords

Using Google AdWords to promote your company is commonplace because it’s so effective. What business wouldn’t want their ads to show when a potential customer is actively looking at a product or service you offer. Google Adwords lets you bid on keywords that your business wishes to target and gets your advert in front of users. Google only charges a small fee when your advert gets clicked.  AdWords is also flexible because it has customizable options for your campaign to suit your particular needs.

Online Marketing with Firewire Digital Newcastle
Social Media Marketing Grow Your Business

Facebook Advertising

Looking to reach a huge online audience? A Facebook advertising campaign could be the best strategy. The power of a professionally managed Facebook marketing campaign is exceptional. We build financially rewarding Facebook advertising campaigns, that place your business in front of targeted consumers. Get the most out of your advertising spend and find out what the largest social media platform can do for you business.

Website Design

A business website is an essential asset to attract new customers and increase brand awareness. Whether your customers are at their desk or scrolling on their phone, your website should be easy to view and navigate. we aim to find that delicate balance between creativity and functionality, making sure the user experience is fantastic whilst engaging with your business.

Website Design and Development with Firewire Digital Marketing Newcastle
Grow your website traffic with Firewire Digital

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Pay Per Click is a critical part of your online marketing strategy. What business wouldn’t want their ads to show when a potential customer is actively looking at a product or service you offer. Using Pay-Per-Click advertising lets you bid on keywords that your business wishes to target and gets your advert in front of users. Search engines only charge a small fee when your advert gets clicked.

Social Media Marketing

Over 83% of Australians are following business and brands on Facebook, with most business having an active Facebook Page. Your social media profile is another avenue for potential customers to find your business. It provides a platform to showcase the personality and voice of your brand. Your website and social media channels are a 24/7 shopfront showcasing your business.

How Firewire Succeed with Google Adwords and PPC
Online Content Marketing

Online Content Marketing

Content is one of the most powerful ways to generate a connection with your customers. Quality content gives your business a personality, a chance to position your business as unique. Your online content makes your business searchable, shows you are to be a trusted source of information in your field. We ensure your business stays relevant with new content.  

The proof is in the numbers

With active clients across Newcastle, Firewire Digital takes pride in providing a variety of services to fit all client’s needs. Firewire Digital work individually with businesses to provide the best digital marketing services. Read about some of our most recent successes by visiting our case studies page.

Online Content Marketing

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Whether you manage, a local shop or a large company looking to extend your market reach, we have a solution for you! At Firewire Digital we specialise in bringing value to the online marketing efforts of business. We do this through search engine optimisation, social media marketing, and web design.

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