Modelers Central.

Increasing Revenue by 41% While Decreasing CPA by 74%

Firewire partnered with Modelers Central to increase their Return on Ad Spend to over 1200%.


Decrease in CPA



Client: Modelers Central
Services: Google Ads
Outcome: Achieved a 12:1 return on ad spend using Google Search ads

Increase Conversions & Earn More with Google Ads

Over a 12 month period (March 2020-February 2021) Modelers Central has been working with Firewire Digital to run Google Ads campaigns targeting markets in Australia (Modelers Shipyard) and in the United States (Modelers Central). Over the course of the campaign, Modelers Central have spent a combined total of $35,423 and earned a total conversion value of $407,339 – this is a 11.5 average return on ad spend (ROAS).

Modelers Central Monthly Report by Firewire Digital


Modelers Central are the leading global supplier for the world of historic wooden model ship kits and accessories. Having started in 1980, Modelers Central have faced many marketing challenges, including the transition into eCommerce.

Modelers Central (previously known as Modellers Shipyard) launched an online store in 2004 that targeted the Australian market. However, after a number of years, the company believed they had reached a plateau in Australia and wanted to expand into new markets. 

The Process

Taking a brand to an international level is no small feat, it requires careful planning and execution to ensure a smooth transition and manageable growth period. 

The first step was a website migration from a domain ending in ‘’  to just ‘.com’ to entice more international users, as this is most commonly used as a signal to users that this is an international site.

The next step for Modelers Central was to plan and execute an advertising strategy. MC wanted to start selling into the United States immediately and we identified Google Ads as the perfect advertising platform to achieve market access and drive traffic. Together with Firewire Digital, a Google Ads strategy was devised to increase brand visibility and awareness in the US market. 

Entering a new market with paid advertising requires a dedicated data collection and responsive management approach. You need as much information as you can get, as quickly as you can get, so you can take decisive action in managing your campaigns to maximise your return on investment. Firewire Digital did this in two parts.

Part one, exclude geographic locations, whole states even, that return no conversions over a set period. We only wanted to invest money where a ROI was occurring. 

Part two, extensively research negative keywords. A negative keywords list plays a very important role in directing your campaign to focus on the search terms returning conversions. Search terms that are not bringing in traffic and converting can easily waste your budget if left unchecked.

Modelers Central Google Ads Negative Keyword List Screenshot by Firewire Digital

The Result

Over a 12 month period (March 2020-February 2021) Modelers Central ran two Google Ads campaigns, one targeting Australia (as Modelers Shipyard) and one targeting the United States (as Modelers Central). Between the two campaigns, they have spent a combined total of $35,423 for a total conversion value of $407,339, which averages at an 11.5 ROAS.

Combined both campaign achieved an Average Order Value of $146.57 over this 12 month period. In comparison, all other online channels had a combined Average Order Value of $147.49. While the Revenue Per User from Google Ads was $2.38. In comparison, all other online channels had a combined Revenue Per User of $2.09.

Modelers Central Monthly Report by Firewire Digital

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