Your customers are on Facebook. If your advertising isn't, you're missing out.


Looking to reach a huge online audience? A Facebook advertising campaign could be the best strategy. The power of a professionally managed Facebook marketing campaign is exceptional. We build financially rewarding Facebook advertising campaigns, that place your business in front of targeted consumers. Get the most out of your advertising spend and find out what the largest social media platform can do for you business.

Reach the Largest Audience in Social Media.

Over 83% of Australians are following business and brands on Facebook. Facebook has more than 1.2 billion active users worldwide. With Facebook advertising we generate targeted traffic to drive leads and sales for your business. No matter your industry or advertising budget, Facebook ads can benefit your marketing goals. Facebook advertising can be truly powerful for your business.

Social Media Profile Setup for your business
Facebook Advertising with Firewire Digital Marketing

Leverage Facebook Ads for Lead Generation.

Facebook has fundamentally changed digital marketing. Leverage all the data your business has on your targeted demographic to generate leads that are ready to buy. While most businesses are still thinking about likes and followers, get ahead by targeting leads and sales.  Don’t waste your advertising spend on people that aren’t interested in your business. Utilise the power of data with Sticks Digital and Facebook to target audiences that can be converted into customers. 

Low Costs Compared to Other Advertising.

From as little as $1 per day, Facebook advertising campaigns allow small businesses to be able to take advantage of targeted advertising. When traditional advertising require budgets between $500 plus to get a foot in the door, Facebook allows business of all sizes a chance regardless of budget. Reach thousands of interested customers and start generating leads and sales for your business.


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Track Your Facebook Investment.

Unlike traditional advertising, every dollar you invest in Facebook marketing is trackable. Metric across every aspect are recorded: Total clicks, number of impressions, number of interactions and much more. If your business is targeting lead generation and sales, it is also possible to track the number of conversions generated, as well the return on investment. 

Target Only the Customer's that Matter.

Facebook Advertising offers one of the most targeted forms of online advertising available. We are able to target customers based upon demographics, geographic factors, online behaviours and more. We ensure your message will only reach the right customers for your business.  Utilise the power of Facebook to build audiences that can quickly and effectively be converted into new customers.


  • Age
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Location


  • Relationship Status
  • Education Level
  • Employer
  • Job Position


  • Actions taken with websites
  • Offline purchase behavior
  • Likes and interests


  • Customer database matched to profiles
  • Friends of fans
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Custom & Similar Audiences.


Upload your existing customer base into Facebook and run targeted Facebook marketing and up sell campaigns to increase your lifetime client revenue.


Win your lost customers back with targeting advertising designed to re-engage them with your company


Reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they're similar to your best existing customers.

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